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We are a Norwegian online store that started in September 2018. This start-up has been a dream for many years, and finally the time was right for us to invest. We hope you enjoy our selection and the products we have made available.
We offer products in the genres: children's interior, children's furniture, equipment, toys and some clothes.
Villakids vision is to offer children's products that give this special and good feeling of childhood magic. With us you will find a good selection of beautiful quality costumes, wooden play food, storage and various. Here's something for everyone! So take a look into our world of products, they are picked out with care

Equipment, children's furniture, children's interior, toys and some clothes
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  1. Østensens Vei 2
    1619  Fredrikstad
    95 97 41 55
  2. Oredalsveien 111A
    1613  Fredrikstad
    977 63 080
  3. Brønnerødskogen 7
    1615  Fredrikstad
    69 39 16 90
  4. Ringåsveien 1
    1613  Fredrikstad
    480 01 969
  5. Ilaveien 71
    1605  Fredrikstad
    481 43 236
    1615  Fredrikstad
    419 01 603
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