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Skikurs Oslo with professional ski technique trainer Sindre Wiig Nordby. I am a previous junior participant World championship in cross country skiing. I have instructed a lot more than a thousand people of all ages and at different levels the last 14 years, involving national team skiers.
I offer private lessons for individuals, group lessons, courses and motivational training for companies.
Skikurs Oslo provides both training in traditional skiing called classic cross country skiing, and the more modern style called ski skating. My training courses is offered all the time. In spring and summer season I offer rollerski course. Our training programs is for everybody in the Oslo region, and for those who go to Oslo. I assist everybody no matter what level. In case you do not have ski gear, you can borrow from me. Submit me your weight, height and shoe size right after you have enrolled in the training program, and I bring you free loan gear. The training program is usually kept on the

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