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08:00 – 17:00
08:00 – 17:00
08:00 – 17:00
08:00 – 17:00
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OFS helps software companies and software-enabled businesses to design, develop, test, and maintain their software products and applications, whether they are hosted, licensed or mobile.

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OFS helps software companies and software-enabled businesses to design, develop, test, and maintain their software products and applications, whether they are hosted, licensed or mobile.

Founded in 1997, we have a deep heritage of building commercial products for software a vendor, which has given us the insight and experience to create software for any business and make it compelling, packed with innovative features, designed for rapid evolution, and built for an entire market, not just a single customer.

OFS has over 500 employees spread across our offices in India, USA, Norway and the
Philippines. Our client list includes both small growing companies and also a number
of billion-dollar firms across several industries including healthcare, media/publishing, manufacturing, energy and software.

• Outsourced Software Development (OSD)
• Founded in 1997
• Sales and support office in Oslo, Norway
• Over 400 employees, including:
o Technical Architects—Java and .NET, all
o mobile platforms
o Business Analysts
o Designers and Usability Engineers
o Software Engineers – Java and .NET stacks, o iOS/Android/Windows8/Blackberry, NodeJS and
o AngularJS
o QA Engineers—Manual and Automated Testing
• Employee Attrition Rate – only 4% per year
• Our Clients Include:
o Zirius, Norway
o Energy Opticon, Sweden
o A large retail manufacturer in the United States
o A market-leading information services and publishing firm in the United States
o A large, publicly traded healthcare software provider in the United States
o A global TV news agency in the United States
o A leading tax services firm in the United States
Testing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Media Publishing, Devops, Software Engineering, Test Automation, Digital Innovation, Gamification, Software and Technology
Digital Innovation Software Engineering Testing & Test Automation DevOps Gamification Healthcare Media/Publishing Financial Services Software & Technology

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    Produkter & Tjenester

    Gamification We use the latest in motivational theory, much like that used in common games, to incent your staff to learn, work, and collaborate better and smarter.

    DevOps Our DevOps Solutions team can help you deliver digital products faster and keep your product managers happy. We have the expertise in DevOps automation solutions to help you streamline your configuration, build, test, deployment and monitor software systems.

    Testing and Test Automation Object Frontier Software has large and highly experienced team of quality assurance (QA) testing professional to serve. Our quality assurance software, automation architecture and quality assurance testing tools are used in many data companies.

    Software Engineering Our software engineering experts help clients with product engineering and product development services to build Innovative, Compelling, Scalable, and Configurable software to serve a whole market, not just a single customer.

    Digital Innovation OFS can bring your team up to speed with the help of our Digital Innovation Lab. We help you innovate new ways to engage and transact with your clients. Use the latest social, mobile, analytics, & cloud (SMAC) technologies to increase brand loyalty and drive revenue.